Reyka Vodka (FOC 4 SODA WATER)

RM299.00 RM265.00 RM265.00 (Unit Price) / Per 700 ml Bottle

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1 Bottle  /  RM299 RM265.00 per bottle

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Fresh, Aniseed, Creamy Vanilla, Light Spiciness, Savoury Grain

Soft, Delicate, Light Creamy, Vanilla, Light Spiciness

Sweet-dry Balance


Why Do We Love This?

Small batch vodka handcrafted in Iceland, made from arctic spring water collected from a spring that runs through a 4,000 year old lava field. Each distillation only yields 255 cases, with each bottle containing only natural flavours and extracts.

Goes Well With...

Caviar, Pickles, Steak, Cheese, Smoked Salmon



World Vodka Award