We could just give a basic description of who we are - Malaysia's Premier Alcohol Online Store - and be done with this section. But that would be a buzz kill. Plus, you knew that already.

You're here for something more, aren't you?

Grab a drink and settle in. It's story time with our founder, Jessie Chong.

The idea of starting a booze platform came when I was working with Moet Hennessy Diageo, where I noticed there was a gap between the brands and the consumers. And when I say gap, I mean like rowing-for-days-across-ocean kind of gap.

From the people's point of view, getting booze wasn't easy. Oops! Let me rephrase that. Getting AUTHENTIC booze wasn't as easy. On top of dealing with fakes, the distribution process was a pain in the back door.

It took forever for good, fresh booze to reach people. There was this long chain of process that involved too many hands and a whole lot of transfer costs. By the time people get their booze, they've already moved on in life and found someone better. Sob sob. So with determination, goal and a little bit of pure luck, I went on a mission. One thing led to another, ideas and people came together and boom!

Boozeat was born.

Jessie Chong

Ever since the beginning, we've been on a superhero mission (kind of). To make the world a better place, one booze at a time.

We're here to change the dirty ways of alcohol distribution where counterfeits are being made and sold to innocent people. We believe that everyone deserves to live in a world where there's no fake booze. Only the best in quality and pricing.

It's important to us that we believe in something way bigger than just selling booze. So that you - the people who share the same believe - can be part of the bigger picture with us.

Now that we've establish why we exist, let us tell you how we do it.

Pay less

We deal directly with brand owners and appointed sole importers, removing the need for a middle man. So it's just the two of us, under the starry night, with booze cheaper than ever.

Drink better

All of our booze comes in directly from distillery, winery and brewery So there's no doubt you're drinking the freshest and real-est booze. We say no to selling duty-free, fake or parallel products.

Enjoy more

Kick back, relax, drink booze and enjoy. Because life is a giant party anyway.

And that's it from us.

Thanks for reading through our babble. You made it till the end and for that we say, cheers!

If our story made your inner voice say something like "I need to work here",
then don't be shy and come be a part of us.