Beluga Noble Vodka Celebration Limited Edition

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Crystal Clear

Oatmeal, Vanilla

Natural Honey, Oatmeal Infusion,Holy Thistle, Vanilla

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Last time it sold out so quickly! Now again in stock, so don’t miss your chance and get one till somebody overtakes you. It isn’t a real party without vodka. Especially Beluga, which now releases an exclusive limited collection inspired by the amazing history and tradition of the Mariinsk Distiller to celebrate the 115th anniversary. Make your party special making some fancy vodka cocktails such as Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan or Chicago Martini. Your guests will just love it ! The bottle made of double platinum coating and a gold lacquer coat layer will just glow in your showcase. Natural ingredients such as malt spirit, Artesian water drawn from the Siberian springs, Oat extract, Honey, Milk Thistle Extract, and Vanilla cause the unique taste that you can’t find in any other vodka.

Goes Well With...

Caviar, Pickles, Steak, Cheese, Smoked Salmon