Connor's Stout Draught Beer Barrel 23 Litres x 3

RM3,800.00 RM2,725.00 / Per 23 litre


3 x 23 Litres

RM3,800.00 RM2,725.00

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Black, Creamy Foam

Slight Nuances of Chocolate, Toffee, Malt

Caramel Sweetness, Gentle Undertones of Roastiness

Bittersweet, Robustness

Why Do We Love This?

Connor's Stout Porter, a brew inspired from the 1700's British Stout Porter recipe, crafted to suit today;s consumer's taste expectations. Connor's Stout Porter was carefully concocted to deliver its crisp texture, creamy foam and gentle roasty undertones with a unique balance of bitterness and robustness. Just made right. Lead Time Peak Season: 1-2 Weeks Pre-Booking Normal Season: 3-7 Days Pre-Booking