Leffe Blonde Draught Beer Barrel 30 litres (PRE ORDER)

RM5,130.40 RM3,697.00 / Per 30 litre


2 x 30 Litres

RM5,130.40 RM3,697.00

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Authentic Blond

Blond With A Slight Hint Of Bitterness

Pale Malt, Water, Hop and Yeast

Why Do We Love This?

The first reference to the Leffe brewery in historical records dates back to 1240, where the monks brewed ale Made Of natural ingredients and based on a recipe that had been passed down from generation to generation. The Leffe range has stood the test of time as Belgian's strongest Abbey Beer range, surviving through plagues, floods, fire, plundering and invasions. The bitterness is delicate, extending over the whole Palate and lingering with a sweet malty finish. The higher alcohol level contributes to the mouth warming, full -bodied taste, while fruity notes are complimented by a gentle hop bitterness. With a subtle dry clove aroma it has a hint of oranges.

Lead Time Peak Season: 1-2 Weeks Pre-Booking

Normal Season: 3-7 Days Pre-Booking

Goes Well With...

Vinegary Dishes, Smoked Ham, Abbey Cheese