Drinking good booze with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasure, don’t you agree? But to know what you eat and what you drink to taste good together is even perfect! We’re talking about homemade sushi rolls served with crisp Japanese beer... or pulled pork pizza expertly complemented by a glass of pinot noir.

Let’s imagine this. When you season a dish, or add a sauce, you’re thinking about combining flavors that taste good together. Perhaps, you may want to add a squeeze of lime or a pinch of cumin to balance a dish. There’s not just one way to spice your chili, and of course, there’s not just one drink to pair with your french fries. Milkshake? Good choice. Sparkling wine? Totally!

Want some more? We’ve got you covered by having these delicious combos. Liquor, wine or beer, your call.

Pssst... Surprise your friends or loved ones with a meal you’ve paired up like a pro, don’t worry we can keep this as a secret.

Red Wine with Beef

Wine is perfect for special occassion and you don’t want to ruin the time by choosing bad food for this. To go with wine, the food has to be either by having similar qualities or by contrasting them. Cabernet Sauvignon is a very bold wine with flavors of blackcurrant, plum, cherry and spice, and for some reasons, it goes well with rich and dark meats. If you’re not a fan of the Cabernet Sauvignon, you might also try to replace it with Merlot or Pinot Noir to go with your beef dish.

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Beer and Any Food

Staying at home for Netflix and Chill? This one might be good for you. Beers are often known for the complex and bold flavors, its ability to provide refreshment and to interact with many food flavors makes it a good-to-go with anything. Cheese, seafood, chicken, pizza, fries, or even sushi? You named it.

Source: Ruthie’s Bitchin’ Kitchen

Champagne and Oysters

When champagne is of course, delicious alone, it is even better when you can smartly paired up with a delicious bite. Champagne styles may vary depending on the grape varieties used, but surprisingly, oysters pair particularly well with any champagne. You may change it with wine, anyways.

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Vodka and Caviar

Even vodka, a ‘blank’ spirit, can pair well with a meal. The Russians know how to enjoy vodka: Serve the pure spirit icy cold together with smoked fish or caviar. The last one works better actually. Caviar is super chic, low in calories, and can be served plain or on a tiny and adorable piece of toast, you’ll be the richest-looking bitch around.

Source: Jermyn Street Journal

Whiskey with Roast Chicken

This is how you pair whiskey with food, a lot like wine and food; you have to blend the flavors. The whiskey’s honey, citrus, apple and cinnamon is best to enjoy with roasted meat, particularly chicken. Pair your whiskey with a food whose flavors would make sense with them in a recipe, in which you can also add a splash of whiskey to your chicken. One bite and you will be craving for more.

Source: Nibble Me This

So, which one you would prefer? Which seem match up your taste? Go back to the fridge and see what food you have, because we have 100% authentic booze here! You’re bound to discover something delicious and we make it easy for you.