3 Reasons Why the Martell NCF is a WHOLE NEW Cognac Experience

Promising to bring unheard of sensations to your cognac-drinking experience, the Martell NCF is one the latest cognac creation by the House of Martell. Martell Non Chill-Filtered is the first, ever, cognac to be filtered at room temperature (more on that later).

Here are 3 things that make the Martell NCF such a cool swig: 

1.         Vision of light-carved beauty

They say before your palate feasts, your eyes do first, and the Martell NCF is certainly a sight to behold. 

Sophisticated and classy yet fun enough to be the centre of attention, the Martell NCF bottle catches the night lights with its reflective copper, before fading to a full transparency at the bottom to show off its exquisite content.

But the highlight of it? It’s literally light. Accentuating its curves are glossy white lines, which under UV light, give off a mesmerising glow, a hint at its filtration process.

2.         Swig in style

Be the light of the party with two new drinking rituals designed for the ultimate Martell NCF experience- the Martell Ice-Pool and the Martell Frapé! These drinking rituals certainly demonstrate the Martell NCF’s daring creation, where consuming it should also be just as exciting as its trailblazing origin.

Photo by Martell

Amidst icy blue mist, shot glasses on the top tray of the Martell Ice-Pool holds Martell NCF, and with the pull of a tab, the shots of flavourful cognac each take a dip into mixers on the lower tier- ready for your enjoyment!

Photo from Martell Facebook

Steal the show with the “Martell Frappé”, an avant-garde shaker that’s a little more high profile than your normal bartender’s. Don’t let the party stop even when you’re prepping the drinks, show-off your moves all while shaking Martell NCF to icy perfection

3.         Disrupt for that distinguished taste

Ultimately, the pioneering method of its creation and sensation to the palate is what sets the Martell NCF apart from other cognacs. Where cognacs are typically filtered at sub-zero temperatures, the Martell NCF defies convention, with the filtration process done at room temperature.

The NCF method is a well-devised plan to preserve the potential of the spirit, offering an expression of smoothness and aromatic charm on ice. Giving inspiration to its tagline “Light Up Your Taste”, is the Martell NCF’s freshness and its lively flavours, enhanced with notes of apricot jam and vanilla.

Photo by timchew.net

After swirling, nuances of mandarin and pink grapefruit find their way to your tastebuds, leaving a velvety smooth, rounded, and well-balanced finish on top of the underlying citrus peel and candied fruit savour.

Photo by spiritedsingapore.com

Taste the pureness plainly on ice, add a splash of orange juice for that extra zest, or even mixed with fruity peach or lemon tea and even soda water, the Martell NCF is set to become the drink that embodies sophistication and simplicity at its best, a freshness that can be appreciated by both sexes out to make the night a memorable one.

Delightful to eye, experiential to drink and sensationally refreshing to taste, the Martell NCF is an all-new cognac experience that is sure to surprise any cognac connoisseur and casual drinker.