Martell NCF

RM330.00 RM260.00 / Per 700 ml Bottle


Martell NCF - 1 Bottle

RM330.00 RM260.00

Martell NCF - 2 Bottles

RM660.00 RM520.00

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Apricot Jam, Vanilla, Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit

Smooth, Velvety, Citrus Peel, Candied Fruit, Vanilla

Well-Balanced Finish

Why Do We Love This?

Ever so resilient in their disruptive ways, it is now introducing its first non-chill filtered cognac in the Martell NCF. For the uninitiated, on a very obvious level, a non-chill filtered cognac would turn hazy when served on the rocks, but for connoisseurs, it also means smoother, longer finish that convey extra flavours and textures - especially so on ice. This focus on aesthetic is defined by the bottle design as well; light-reflective metallic copper coating gives the Martell NCF bottle almost a luminous sheen, and its transparent label glows in the dark under UV lights.

What is so special about Martell Frappé?

The Martell Frappé ritual focuses on a cutting-edge shaker which lights up when it is shaken – a sure way to grab everyone’s attention. A simple mix with 3 ingredients: NCF+ Ice+ Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Shake it, let the light sparks then pour it into shot glasses. Very literally taking Martell NCF’s tagline ‘Light Up the Taste’.

Goes Well With...

Cheese, Chocolate