Having been around since 1780, there is without a doubt countless ways the Jameson Irish Whiskey can be served. So what makes the Jameson serve? For serious aficionados it could be savoured neat, for the slightly experienced, maybe on the rocks, while most casual drinkers may dare to venture further than a sip despite its signature taste that is smoother than counterparts, scotch and bourbon.

But what if we told you that the deliciously simple Jameson Ginger Lime is the perfect serve, all just for 3 unbelievably simple reasons?

1. It takes just 3 easy ingredients

How do you get the perfect Jameson Ginger Lime? First is of course to start with the Jameson Original- 35 ml of it. Next, you’ll need lots of ice. Top it all off with ginger ale before slicing a wedge of lime and squeezing the zest into the glass. Throw the lime wedge in while you’re at it and you’re DONE! Yes. It really is that simple. 

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 Extra tips to prepare the Jameson Ginger Lime

Fill your glass with ice - lots and lot and lots of it. This (surprisingly) slows down the dilution.

Roll lime wedges between your palms to get all of those extra juices.

Slice the lime lengthwise to get 6 wedges from a normal-sized lime!

2. It wins over all types of whiskey drinkers

Pairing the invigorating taste of ginger ale with the hints of wood and nuttiness in the Jameson whiskey, along with the punch of lime, the Jameson Ginger Lime ends on a soothing tone that will get all drinkers yearning for more.


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Whether seasoned drinkers or those new to whiskey, the Jameson Ginger Lime is sure to suit everyone’s taste buds, and even most female drinkers who may find the strong taste of whiskey too strong. The Jameson Ginger Lime is also a great alternative to the typical whiskey and coke- so just throw out the lame, and in with the lime!

3. It’s a drink for all occasions

Whether shaken behind the bar of your favourite pub or just simply thrown together at home, the Jameson Ginger Lime is the drink that is classy enough to dress up, and simple enough to concoct any time.

Just check out some of the ways to serve this flexible drink- Chilling at home catching up on episodes of Game of Thrones? No sweat, your Jameson Ginger Lime doesn’t have to be fancy, just put it all together and drink it from a mug!

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Having friends over for a barbecue? No problem, just serve the Jameson Ginger Lime in a tall glass and have everybody drink from summer-themed straws that are sure to make any party that little bit more fun!

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Need something easy to drink without looking like an amateur during a night out? Then good news, just get your bartender to serve your Jameson Ginger Lime in a normal whiskey glass (without dropping in the lime wedge), and no one would know the better!

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Distilled 3 times to give it the smoothness its known for, the Jameson is best served simple and most importantly, with fresh ingredients to bring out its best! Nothing embodies that better than the Jameson Ginger Lime serve. So treat ginger to a glass of Jameson, and yourself to a glass of Jameson Ginger Lime!

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