St Remy Authentic VSOP

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St Remy Authentic VSOP


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Amber-yellow in color with golden highlights.

Floral notes subtly blend with the woody and vanilla tones of oak.

Round and smooth with fruity aromas and wood, combining to produce an oaky vanilla finish.

Why Do We Love This?

St-Rémy VSOP embodies the iconic and historical taste of St-Rémy. It is a translation of the original recipe that has made St-Rémy famous around the globe.

The right choice for a great authentic taste.

St-Rémy VSOP conveys the taste of small, freshly-picked red berries, whilebringing out the sweet vanilla flavour of oak. It is a round,balanced spirit that is easy to drink. With its light and subtle nose,St-Rémy VSOP is excellent neat, on ice or with a simple mixer.