Singleton 18 Years Old Gift Pack 2021

RM559.00 RM540.00 / Per 700 ml Bottle


Singleton 18 Years Old Gift Pack 2021

RM559.00 RM540.00

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Rich old amber.

Medium bodied, rich in the mouth.

Complex and well balanced. Smooth and unctuous at first, yet hinting at an intriguing dryness to come on the palate.

Very full and cooling. A splendid mouth-coating richness with elegant orange oil and rich fruit. Becoming drying and appetising, with notes of chocolate truffle.

Full, long, and finely detailed, with clear cedar notes against a smooth backdrop of fine, silky chocolate. Becomes leaner, with a memory of gingery malt; that dryness is now offset by a lingering sweetness in a polished conclusion.

Why Do We Love This?

Less spicy, more mature, slightly darker in colour, and deeper in flavour than the 12-year-old; the house style of the distillery, beautifully presented.

A very sophisticated and well-structured old Singleton that balances a rich fruitiness with a gentle aromatic dryness. Beautifully finished and leaning toward dryness while maintaining an enduring, and appetising, sweetness, this combination making it wonderful with intense, hard cheeses, with which it creates a more-ish array of faintly woody, nutty, sweet and salty, creamy and honeyed notes.