Royal Salute 21 YO Signature Blend

RM699.00 RM645.00 / Per 700 ml Bottle


Royal Salute 21 Years Old

RM699.00 RM645.00

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Poached Apricot in Crème Anglaise

Gingery, Lively, Creamy, Very Sherryish

Fragrant Smokiness, Oakiness

Why Do We Love This?

Created in tribute to the Coronation for HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, Royal Salute 21 is distinguished by the full fragrance of autumn flowers which precede deep, intense fruit aromas. Crafted only with the finest whiskies, adhering to the brand’s unique tradition of only using whiskies that have patiently matured for at least 21 years. A treasured whisky presented in distinctive porcelain flagon that bears a ruby glaze.

Goes Well With...

Fruits, Cheese, Chocolate, Cold-Cut Meat