Dom Perignon P2 Rose Gift Box 750ml (Vintage 1995)

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Mediterranean influences mingling dried roses, citron, saffron, figs and bay leaf

Why Do We Love This?

Dom Perignon vintages are released after 7 years of ageing. A small portion of each vintage is kept on the lees even longer, to continue the evolution and magnify its natural qualities. Only one person - the Dom Perignon cellar master - can decide if and when to re-release a vintage. The P2 label indicates that the vintage has reached its second peak in maturity, with optimized intensity (15 to 20 years after harvest).

The maturation of Dom Perignon occurs not in a simple linear trajectory, but in successive leaps into new expression, each of which are called Plenitudes. In the long journey of elaboration, the wine goes through this metamorphosis, a transformation. Each Plenitude contributes to Dom Perignon’s singularity. In the darkness of the cellars, from one plenitude to the next, Dom Perignon will grow and blossom, transmuting time into energy.

Goes Well With...

Lobster, Crab, Caviar, Foie gras, Strawberries