Bulldog London Dry Gin

RM312.00 RM240.00 / Per 700 ml Bottle


Bulldog London Dry Gin - 1 Bottle

RM312.00 RM240.00

Bulldog London Dry Gin - 2 Bottles

RM624.00 RM470.00

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Raj kumar - 04 February 2023Love


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Crystal Clear

Juniper, Kaffir Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Almond, Fresh Pine Needles

Lime Zest, Juniper Berries, Lavender, Sweet Lotus Flavour

Medium Bodied

Why Do We Love This?

Bulldog Gin is defiantly delicious. The balanced flavour and crisp character of Bulldog Gin is infused with 12 of the rarest, most distinctive botanicals; including Dragon Eye (cousin of the Lychee), French lavender, Italian juniper, Asian lotus leaves, Turkish white poppy and Chinese liquorice. Every batch is quadruple distilled in traditional copper pots at one of the world’s finest gin distilleries that has been producing gin since 1761; crafting Bulldog into one of the world’s smoothest, most mixable gins.

*Complimentary items are in limited quantities.
*While stocks lasts.

Goes Well With...

Fruits, Cheese, Cold-Cut Meats



International Wine and Spirits Competition