Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie

RM402.00 RM366.00 / Per 700 ml Bottle


Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie

RM402.00 RM366.00

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Sunlight on fields of early summer barley.

Opening with barley sugar and a hint of mint before leading into the most wonderful notes of freshly cut wild flowers; buttercup, daisy, meadowsweet, myrtle, primrose and cherry blossom.

The palate entry is so refined and refreshing, the sweet oak and the barley arriving together sending the taste buds into raptures.

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The foundation for our Classic Laddie is not a recipe set in stone, but a distilling philosophy. We have no interest in consistency or uniformity, instead – year by year – the variety and provenance of our barley shapes our spirit, and an ever-increasing range of casks are sourced to evolve the suite of flavours in our warehouse. Each batch of the Classic Laddie will, by nature, be unique and subtly different, but it is ultimately our Head Distiller who curates this assemblage of our finest spirits, to showcase the classic, floral and elegant Bruichladdich house style.