We all know that Carlsberg Malaysia always bring something new and innovative time to time. Are you ready to the newest one?

Welcoming Asahi Super Dry nationwide promotion! This No. 1 beer in Japan, launched its latest promotion by releasing the mini can as a gift-with-purchase of Asahi Super Dry Beer, to express a unique aspect Japanese culture in terms of miniaturization.

The purpose is to reach more and introduced the sophisticated taste of Asahi Super Dry to the Malaysian drinkers, while also gifting them a memorable limited edition collectible as a souvenir.

The 135ml Asahi Super Dry mini can collectible is available for free with purchase Asahi beers at all participating outlets, and this means of course – Boozeat. Feel the coldness and crispness of Asahi mini can for a more unique experience at the different level.

By doing this promotion, not only Asahi hopes to increase their brand awareness and drive business volume to the beer drinkers, but also to reward loyal Asahi customers for something they never had before.

The promotion will last only until mid-June, and Boozeat is exclusively carrying this special Asahi Super Dry mini can gift-with-purchase, so be sure you don’t miss this one! Take the mini can for you to collect at home ;)