Oh hey, Johnnie’s taking his dog out for a walk this year it seems. Wait. Hang on a minute! Didn’t we see him with a rooster last year?

That’s right! Chinese New Year is coming around the corner and the Lunar Calendar signifies that this is the year of the Dog!

Source: Tenor Gif

For those unaware, the Chinese Zodiac assigns different animals to each year, repeating in a 12-year cycle. This is different from the conventional Greek Zodiac which works over a 12-month basis.

So what’s new on Johnnie’s end? We just got our hands on the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Pioneering City Dog Year Edition! And oh boy we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that unboxing this beauty left few of our mouths agape.

Source: The Whisky Shop

As most familiar with Johnnie Walker already know, the Blue Label comprises of some of Scotland’s most superb Scotch Whiskies. Due to its elusive quality and strong disposition, it makes an extraordinary whisky for special occasions.

The exquisite limited edition design of the Blue Labels enveloped by cool shades blue accompanied by artistic designs featuring an elaborate dragon sprawled across all sides, a dog on one side and Johnnie Walker himself on the other, all against an oriental background.

For every year, Johnnie Walker Blue Label gets a new design based on the theme of the yearly animal that represents it based on the Lunar calendar.

To commemorate the Chinese New Year, this new elegant bottle has been released for you to collect. It would definitely also make a lovely gift for your family and loved ones this coming Chinese New Year.

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