Whisky has been our  beloved drink for literally ages. Our tastes and preferences change with time, but our love for whisky is continual and never changing. Nothing seems better than enjoying a fine glass of whisky after a tiring day or for simply boosting up your party spirit.

When it comes to our sweet drink, the glass is not just an agent to let the liquid pour in our mouth. It helps to amplify our experience of the drink exceptionally. So our dear whisky, Bourbon, Scotch, or Rye ( by whatever name we call it)doesn’t deserve to be treated in simple glassware.

We have enlisted 5 best glasses to spill in your favorite whisky that are pleasing to the eyes and at the same time let you cherish your booze:

1. The Tumbler: These old fashioned tumblers have been used since good old days when this- ‘Gentleman’s drink’ came into picture. They were acclaimed as the ‘official glasses’ to drink whiskey. It can store enough of the drink and is specially invented for mixed drinks. It is an excellent glass to go with if you’re adding on a few ice cubes or soda, ginger ale or coke.

It doesn’t have to be quite necessarily used for the same purpose. It can be used to consume neat whisky as well or with little water. It is a basic, mid height jar made of glass and is square shaped. It doesn’t accentuate on design much but is definitely a great piece.

 2. The Rocks glass: For the people whose love for chilled whisky is eternal, the rocks glass would be the most suitable option for them. It is usually smaller in size from the tumbler. It’s wide periphery lets the ingredients blend well with each other.

They are generally used by the bartenders due to their versatility. Even whiskey cocktails are served in these stylish glassware. They come in distinct shapes and in a variety of colors which make them awesome as well as quirky.

3. The Snifter glass: Snifters grew in popularity as one of the most classy pieces for drinking whisky. This tiny glass has a short stem which is broad at the bottom and narrow at the top adjoining the cup. The sleek design makes it quite handy and easy to spin around.

It is considered ideal when it comes to savoring top-shelf whiskeys. They are used at the top notch venues to enhance the tasting experience of the wine with much delicacy. Additionally, these glasses are also used to relish red and white wine as well.

4. The Shot glass: As popular as the name suggests, this petite glass is used to consume typically small quantities of whisky without ice. These glasses avoid over surging of the drink and consequently ruling out its wastage. The thick base of the glass shelters it against any damage that may happen to the drink.

‘Shooter glass’ is another variety of the shot glass. They are used to serve double or layered shots whereas the ‘shot glass’ is used to take a single range. These glasses allow us to admix and be creative using distinct ingredients and whiskies which is not possible in the conventional shot glass.

5. The Glencairn glass: The  tulip shaped glass was first fashioned by a Scottish crystal company and are closely identical to the Snifter glass. It is commonly used to sip whisky leisurely with food especially with the yummy salt cod fritters. Having a bulbous bottom and a tapered mouth, these glasses are the perfect fit for drinking single malt whiskey, scotch as well as single barrel bourbon.

These glasses promote in showing the color of the whiskey along with pushing the warming of the whiskey. The shape of the glass allows to enjoy the drink to the supreme from the nose to the palette.

How to choose your glass?

 There are so many types of glasses that are available to consume this popular drink. While each glass has its very own speciality, we should always cling to a particular type of glass if we want to savour different types of whiskies. However, you can always use different types of glasses if you want to experiment with different whiskies and try some fun combinations.

Having chosen the perfect glass for your drink, it’s time to  have little idea about ‘What is that which makes our drink a Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch or Rye?’

See this beautiful infographic below and you’ll know the difference -