Not all who wander are lost, sometimes they just can’t find their perfect match wine glass. You’ll be surprised at how your personality influences your taste of wine.

Ever wonder how? Often saying, wine can say as much about a woman’s personality as the shoes she wears. It’s more than just a bottle – it’s what the shades inside and uniqueness of each type explains it all. From Cabernet Sauvignon to Malbec, Chardonnay to Rosé, here’s what your preferred choice of wine says about your inner self. Be prepared and raise your glass!

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Cabernet Sauvignon

You have a strong and assertive personality, a perfect pairs for a masculine man. You want your voice to be heard and passionate about getting experiences. Those who choose to sip Cabernet Sauvignon, will literally be going for everything classic; including books and movies.


You’re a responsible person. Merlot often known as “easy-to-drink”, perfect for a happy-go-lucky person who pays attention to other people’s needs and emotions, as well as being adaptable to any kind of social situation. As a lover, Merlot people usually are deep and passionate.

Pinot Noir

A Snow White; sweet, fresh, elegant, and easily winning over everyone for their charm but a challenge at the same time for the men. You’re the centre of a social group, and sometimes a bit critical to the people around you.


Let us guess... So you’re in your early twenties? Moscato fans can dance until the sun comes up and people are tend to get attracted to you just like you’re a magnet. You’re a smart person who love animals and romantic comedies.


A ‘tough nut to crack’ sometimes yet a sophisticated person. People who sip Shiraz usually prefer red meat to white mean and obviously not a vegetarian. You enjoy warm weather, fun activities, and a true free spirit!

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You’re a bright person, Zinfandel. It's when people can see it from the clothes that you wear as it matches your personality best. While you see things very realistically, you also love to take new adventures and work with people in a group.


Chardonnay people tend to have similarly big, brassy personalities but at the same time also a work hard and play hard mentality. You can be like this sometimes; you say you don’t like Taylor Swift, but you secretly listen to her songs.


As bubbly as the people who drink it. For you who drink Champagne, we know that you’re personable and always have a reason to pop a bottle to celebrate everything. You like to be surrounded by people and people like to be around you too, as simple as you’re the heart of every party!


Rosé is a whole different level for women – those ultimate girly-girl. Damn girl, do you know that men just can’t get enough of you? They’re drowning in your charm and style. You believe in pink, and you’re a definition of ideally elegant guest at any party.

Sauvignon Blanc

Ever heard about Alpha Female? It’s you, sauvignon blanc people. Your heels will never be high enough and your calendar never full enough. You’re very calm and composed yet super sophisticated at the same time. You’re also a carefree, easy going and good conversationalists.

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