Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Another festive season in the beginning of 2018, and of course you’ll have the moment where you spend time with family or friends with a glass of booze.

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Drinking in America is easy. You just drink. The only rule is don’t spill your drink, and even if you do the punishment is that more alcohol – which makes you happy instead. But what happens if it’s in China? Ow, you might get into trouble and we don’t wanna hear that. Don’t shout 干杯 “ganbei” before you know these important things we’re gonna talk about.

Amongst Chinese, building relationship is important. This also applies to business or corporate relations, in order to get their potential business partner better. It means that you have to respect you host and elders – not to mention but your managers or other high ranking positions too – and also remember to do the toast with those people and perhaps say a few words of appreciation. Believe us, that’s one of simplest thing to show that we’re enjoying the time we spend with them.

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There is also gender differences, but in a good sense. If you’re male and invited to a drinking event, prepare yourself to get drunk. You’re a foreigner? Doesn’t matter. They want to test your drinking prowess and bonding the deeper relationship. They usually have Bai Jiu 白酒 – or commonly known as white liquor in China, which tastes like rubbing alcohol mixed with turpentine. It’s both strong and you’ll definitely get drunk if you drink it fast. Ranging from 40-60% alcohol by volume it often fuels business, banquets, and other social encounters.

As women, you can chill. Drinking is only required for men, while women are usually let off the hook unless you’re a good drinker and you really want to drink. However, even if women don’t drink, they still have to do the toast with other beverages to respect the host and elders.

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It’s not even hard to follow the rules, am I right? Drinking with Chinese will always be an enjoyable moment since they always have a numerous festive food while singing, dancing, joking, and of course… vomiting.

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Have you stocked up your booze for CNY? We’re pretty sure you will, so we’re giving you this treat! Let’s find out more here.