Because the air of summer is as sweet as wine in your hand. And summertime is better with wine.

When it’s warm outside, you want something to help you chill and enjoy summer. What could it be? We need a pretty versatile soundtrack of summer wines to carry us through. A perfect glass of wine can be just the thing you need on hot days. We’ll break it down for you the kinds of go-to summer pours you’ll want – the best wines for nearly every outdoor occasion.

A few fresh and versatile rosés – refreshing, food-friendly, and beautifully hued makes rosés a stunning summertime hostess gifts. This delicious pink juice has become a summertime staple all over the world. And why not? It’s pretty and carefree in the best possible way. The rosés are gorgeous, fresh and long-aging.


This might be surprising. Pinot Noir is an ideal red wine for the hot summer months, particularly if it’s lighter-bodied, earthier styled red wines. Root vegetables, mushrooms, light pasta and pork dishes would definitely be a perfect pair. This kind of red wine has a balance of acidity, fruit and structure. Even some of red wines are so incredibly feel light – way lighter than some white wines might be.

Source: The Independent

It’s summertime and the living’s easy. As the party starts, you need something to celebrate it. Of course, champagne. There’s no better time to enjoy great bubbles, served alongside the food. Share it with your loved one or just enjoy it as a celebration of champagne itself. World’s best bubbly always comes from the champagne region of France.

Source: We Heart It

We just can’t forget about this. With the arrival of hot summer days comes a craving for lighter and refreshing wine. Whites take on this duty effortlessly: crisp, chilled and often have lower alcohol level than reds, keeping you relaxed, revitalized and less dehydrated. Chardonnay or Aligoté, you name it – are ready for the summer spotlight.

Source: Fairbourne Estate

After this, you might be wondering "then which product is the most recommended wine for summer?". As we’ve been speaking about it since the beginning… All above-mentioned are truly perfect for your summer. But can we just tell you one more secret? Go with Chandon Summer, above all.

Source: Petite in Pearls

A bright and fun take on the already loved Chandon wine – a sparkling inspired by great times and sunny moments. It’s describing in a best way Australian summer can be: hot sun, bright lights, cool drinks, great food, fun activities, and never ending magical summer moments. Ssst… It’s a limited edition bottles, wrapped in a summer feeling, and available at Boozeat with an exclusive promotion. You want to make your summer perfect, don't you?