The Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine reportedly slapped a central Ukrainian distiller called The Simferopol Wine and Cognac Factory with a hefty fine of £20,000 recently for an attempt to rip off a legitimate spirit brand. The firm is renowned for marketing the Jack Talker 'whiskye' range. 

This is the distiller's second fine after initially receiving a bigger one in 2015 at the sum of £400,000 for "similar violations". Unsurprisingly, both fines were the results of complaints filed by the same massive multinational firm - Diageo plc. 

[caption id="attachment_15345" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Note the differences in appearance between the real deal and the fakes. Note the differences in appearance between the real deal and the fakes.[/caption] 

It is plain to see how the Ukrainian firm's Jack Talker whiskye range had upsetted Diageo - it's a blatant rip-off of the latter's famed Johnnie Walker whisky brand. This recent fine was issued in response for Simferopol's bid in registering its 'White Hopes' product name - likely a blatant copy of yet another Diageo-owned brand White Horse.

Unsurprisingly, Johnnie Walker and White Horse aren't the only Diageo-owned spirits that Simferopol has allegedly ripped off. The central Ukrainian firm also markets a spirit it dubs as 'Captain Jack'. This is allegedly 'inspired' by Diageo's Captain Morgan rum, and both feature identical pirate images and theme on their respective labels to boot. 

Despite the fines and legal acts from Diageo and other legitimate brands, the Simferopol distillery's business shows no signs of stopping just yet. The fake makers will likely continue its operations and cater to its domestic home market, but we really hope none of its laughable 'whiskye' rip offs make their way beyond that. 


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