U.S Pacific Northwest Ocean Oysters exclusively by BOOZEAT.com 

Understand oceans 

Oysters' flavors resemble the waters they live in. Atlantic dwellers are pure and sharply salty, while Pacific Northwest livers are sweeter and more kelpie. Knowing the ocean you want to taste is the first step to choose your favorite oysters. 


Oyster's flavor is influenced by water 

Your enjoyment for oysters is greatly affected by the qualities of water they live in. Working hardly every day in the sea, your favorite food devotes its day to filter 25 gallons of water through its body. Looking for fresh and mineral bites? Choose U.S. Pacific Northwest Ocean Oysters the next time you plan to celebrate achievements of oysters. 

Freshness is all 

An oyster carries the soul of its sea. Although an oyster can be alive until it's shucked, the marine spark fades away with every second it's separated from la mer. be a wise consumer. Choose places that serve you the most authentic tastes of the sea. 

Boozeat's U.S Live Oysters are delivered to your tables within 72 hours after harvest. 24 hours from harvest to U.S airport 24 hours from U.S airport to Malaysia airport, and another 24 hours to tables. It can't get fresher than this. 


Follow the Frost Line 

Oysters are strongly seasonal like wine harvest. Oysters only eat algae that blooms in spring (when water becomes warmer), proliferates in summer (when sunlight is abundant), and diminishes in autumn. In winter, without food, oysters take go dormant and becomes extremely sweet. Hence, the season Boozeat advises you to enjoy most Pacific Northwest Ocean Oysters is around Thanksgiving or Christmas. 


Demand more than skinny oysters 

Oysters served in raw bars often look like a shrunken grey ghost in a pool of seawater. Those oysters taste plainly like saltwater as all nutrition has long gone. You deserve more than that. Oysters bringing you happiness, in contrast, should be plump and fresh, and completely fill the shell. 

Southern Oysters should not be your preferable choice. Growing up without care of farmers, these oysters have bland flavor and much grit. Taste of these Southern Oysters will not be as vivid and distinctive as those from Pacific Northwest Ocean. 

Don't underestimate farms 

Almost all oysters are farmed nowadays, and that's really good. People have bad assumption on aquaculture because of failure of salmon and shrimp farming. Yet, shellfish aquaculture is the cleanest form of protein on earth. Like shellfish, farmed oysters pampered with nutritious living conditions are much better than wild kinds. Choose farmed oysters. Support farmers. And forget the R rule that suggests avoid eating oysters in warm months; that old-fashioned rule is applied only to wild oysters. 

Health benefits of Oysters 

Oysters are super healthy and natural. They are abundant in protein, iron, copper, vitamin B12, and many other minerals. A dozen oysters can supply 100% of the daily recommended intake. Eating raw oysters on half shell is the healthiest eating method. In the past, oysters were considered to be an aphrodisiac. A group of American and Italian researchers found out that oysters contain a lot of amino acids that increase levels of sex hormones. 

A Shucking Good Time 

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