It seems the battle for the title as the world's best-selling gin is heating up, with Diageo-owned Tanqueray Gin and rivalling Pernod Ricard-owned brand Beefeater Gin being the two main contenders. 

According to recently released sales figures, it seems UK powerhouse Diageo has finally gained the upper hand over rivals Pernod Ricard for the first time as the former's Tanqueray brand's 2016 sales surpassed the latter's Beefeater brand significantly. Tanqueray 

With its growing sales volume, Diageo's Tanqueray Gin saw sales hit the 3 million cases in 2016. That sees Tanqueray holding a 15.38% advantage over Pernod Ricard's Beefeater 2016 sales figures that totalled just 2.76 million cases - the latter selling 240,000 cases fewer than the former. 

Much of the sales are driven by Tanqueray's increasing popularity in its core American market where it sold just over 1 million cases in 2016. Contributing to that too is the brand's accelerated growth over the last five years throughout the European market. 

Founded in 1830 in Bloomsbury, London, the Tanqueray gin brand stands as one of Diageo's 16 core global brands in its massive portfolio. Whilst production has since moved to Scotland, Tanqueray remains true to its legendary secret recipe that boasts at least four botanical components - juniper, coriander, angelica root and liquorice. BeefeaterSimilarly, Pernod Ricard's rivalling Beefeater can also trace its roots to London in 1876. Distilled from 100% grain spirits, Beefeater distillery also stands as one of only 9 of which that are still in operation in the heart of London itself.