Since it's the 4th of July, this could be the right time for us to tell you about our special American Wine Fair that we've just kicked off that lasts for the entire month of July. 

With prices starting from as low as RM48, this could be the best time to indulge and savour some of the finest wines produced in the land of the free and home of the brave indeed. 

Amongst the top brands we've got on sale in our special American Wine Fair deals this month include notable names such as Carlo Rossi, Beringer, Blossom Hill, Stags' Leap, Etude, Chateau St Jean California and Sterling Vineyards

Furthermore, we'll also reward purchases of selected American wines above RM388 with an Epivac wine and champagne saver kit for FREE* exclusively in this American Wine Fair month-long promotion.


The Epivac wine saver is ingeniously designed to seal in freshness of remaining wine in a bottle. This is a handy tool indeed, especially if you frequently save up unfinished wine for later, or for those times where the cork or cap becomes hard to find per say. 

Sounds like a great deal? Then don't wait up! Click here to check out our American Wine Fair product ranges now and stock up the cellar like it's the 4th of July

(*Only for purchases above RM388 in a single receipt on selected American wine products and while stocks last).