This rocket-shaped tequila shot serving set has got it all. It not only looks fit to blast you off into space with each shot, it even has a whopping six-figure price tag to match. You'll never drink tequila the same again with this serving set. 

Crafted by hand, this 41cm-tall novelty tequila shot serving set is the masterful creation of famed London jeweller Theo Fennell. The design is based off of a real-life NASA rocket called the Ares V.


Unlike the actual Ares V, this miniaturised version of it can be disassembled into six shot glasses, a shot measure, side burners for salt and a base for lemon wedges. The bulk of this set is made using sterling silver and features a gold-plated external tank, enamel American flag and NASA logo. 

The cost of all this? A cool £18,000, which equals to approximately RM100,980 in today's exchange rate. While we can't deny that this is one seriously expensive novelty, we'll agree that it sits pretty high in our cool-factor scale.


Now, here's the priceless bit. Creator Theo Fennell says that this epic silver and gold rocket-shaped tequila shot serving set was created as a political statement. "I am a great believer that people should sit down and discuss things over a drink rather than sending rockets over each other's bows," said Fennell. 

He continued further and said, "So, what better way than the US rocket that breaks into enough Tequila shots to solve a diplomatic incident and two salt shakers for those who want to stop a wall being built."