By now, you would've known that the very last batch (100 bottles) of the limited Johnnie Walker Malaysia Edition: Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic is now on sale EXCLUSIVELY through We call it #TheLast100

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This isn't a mere repackaging job where the 'regular' Johnnie Walker Blue Label blended scotch whisky that we all know, love and crave, comes stored in a fancy new bottle. Truth be told, there's really more to it than just its appearance. 

To that end, here are some of the damned good reasons that we believe will compel any avid whisky fan or collector in acquiring one of #TheLast100NOW before they run out for good. 


1. The best investment at just RM999! 

Fine whisky lasts a lifetime. Left unopened or properly cellared, its value will grow over time. Keep it long enough, and it'll be worth more than its weight in gold - literally - in the years to come. 

That's basically the world of whisky collection in a nutshell, and you can get started with #TheLast100. Plus, with the exclusive 22% discount we're offering, it is plain to see that the RM999 (nett) asking price commanded by each of #TheLast100 right now is a solid BARGAIN


2. #TheLast100 of only 4,000 bottles 

Just 4,000 of these exquisitely designed bottles with Zacharevic's contemporary art were made to welcome the auspicious Year of the Rooster in 2017. Additionally, they were all made EXCLUSIVELY for the local Malaysian market only. 

In other words, these specially designed bottles are equally as rare as the fine blend of scotch whisky contained inside of them. Also, we'll likely not see a similar collaboration repeated anytime soon, especially one with a uniquely Malaysian cultural twist as its inspiration. 


3. Art inspired by Old and New Penang 

You could consider this is an extension of the street art installed by Ernest Zacharevic across Georgetown since 2012. The art on each bottle was produced using sophisticated ink jet technology, giving it a finish that's akin to an actual spray-painted work.


Like the 3,900 others before it, the illustration donned on each of the #TheLast100 depicts the classic Chinese dragon dance with a modern, playful twist. Note how the blue dragon is gracefully brought to life by younger dancers in tandem through a mist against a rich backdrop of Penang's historical and cultural landmarks. 

Surely, this interpretation of the art would make any Penangite - or Malaysian for that fact - proud of this collaboration, let alone own one or a few. 


Note: We strongly recommend acquiring four bottles as they'll make an amazing display when arranged side-by-side to form Zacharevic's illustration in full. Just see the example pictured above. 


4. Blue Label - One of the best blended scotch whisky around 

While great to look at on the outside, scotch whisky fans will also know that there's an even more epic taste that rests on the inside of each of #TheLast100 too - a pretty sweet bonus if we're honest. 

To refresh your memory, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label blend recreates the character and taste of the earliest whisky blends from the 19th century. That, plus its 40-43% Alcohol by Volume (AbV) rating, explains its high desirability despite its No Age Statement (NAS) status. 


Could you think of a better base for such an auspicious and limited commemorative special? Yeah, we didn't think so too.

Hurry before it's too late! 
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By the way, if you're planning to gift this bottle to somebody, you could opt for the Bespoke Rhinestone Letters package that's available only through as well.