Besides celebrating the first batch of winners in its on-going #ProbablyTheBest global anniversary campaign, Carlsberg MY also took the initiative to host press members present in an exclusive press preview of its #ProbablyTheBest Brewery Tour prize last week. 

PTBBT preview- Photo 6 

For local winners who obtain bottle caps with the "Calrsberg Malaysia 2017"engraving, Carlsberg MY will treat each winner plus five friends with this special VIP tour that we got to sample last week. Carlsberg_Probably_the_best_tour_-1 

It starts with a pick up in a luxury MPV for each winner and his/her 5 friends to the Shah Alam brewery. Winners will be ushered into Carlsberg's #ProbablyTheBest Lounge where they'll get to sample a number of drinks that's Carlsberg MY proudly brews locally on tap - namely Carlsberg, Kronenbourg, Somersby and Connor's Stout


As it's name suggests, this is probably the best party lounge anywhere. Beyond the awesome drinks on tap, there are also a variety of interactive games and activities for winners to indulge in such as digital beer pong, darts, as well as a karaoke machine. 


Fun and games aside, winners will be given a guided tour of the Carlsberg Shah Alam brewery in full. Here, winner's will get to see how all of Carlsberg MY's locally-produced products are made. 


Besides being able to see how raw materials are processed and brewed into everyone's favourite drink, there are other interesting sights to behold such as the cart of fresh apples that signify Somersby cider's 100% apple content. 


For those who crave a nostalgic kick, there's also this dedicated display of some of Carlsberg's past packaging and can designs. Depending on how old you were when you started drinking, some of these will trigger some awesome memories for you indeed. 


Another interesting sight winners will get to see first hand are these huge vats used for fermentation and distillation. 

PTBBT preview- Photo 8Carlsberg_Probably_the_best_tour_-12 

Winner's of this tour will get to sample extracts of these vats at different stages as how we did and note the attention to detail undertaken by Carlsberg in ensuring the brew has the right taste, smell and aroma. In essence, what's being done here in Carlsberg MY's Shah Alam brewery is no different than that in the Danish green-liveried brewery's home brewery in Copenhagen too. And that's exactly what this tour proves to all who get to take part in it. 


So, to answer the question as to whether is this #ProbablyTheBest Brewery Tour around? We're inclined to agree. Click here to find out how you can win yourself this exclusive, money-can't-buy VIP tour experience with Carlsberg MY.