One of the world's leading single-malt scotch whiskey distillers Glenmorangie embarked on a monumental environmental project where it recently reintroduced Native European oysters into the coastal waters near its Highland home of Dornoch Firth. 

The move sees Glenmorangie ending the prized molluscs' near 100-year long absence in said Scottish coast. Having committed to the project early on since 2014, the distiller is aiming to preserve the oysters' pristine habitat and enhance it over the next 170 years.

"This restoration of oyster reefs in the Dornoch Firth, which is an internationally recognised special area of conservation, will help us realise our long term vision of a distillery in complete harmony with its natural surroundings," said Hamish Torrie, director of corporate social responsibility for The Glenmorangie Company. 


Glenmorangie's oyster preservation project sees the restoration of oyster reefs that will enhance the areaду»s biodiversity. Furthermore, this project serves as a solid follow-up to the firm's £6 million anaerobic digestion plant built prior that purifies the by-products (i.e. waste water) of distillation in making its signature range of single malt scotch whiskies


These eco-friendly moves by the LVMH-owned scotch whisky distillery is indeed commendable, and surely deserves everyone to raise their glasses at them. After all, you can't have a good party without oysters and scotch, and Glenmorangie is making sure this stays for future generations too through these eco-friendly initiatives.