There are plenty of food trucks, so why not a cocktail truck?

Nowadays, artfully redesigned box trucks are so omnipresent and ready to meet our need for delicious snacks. We all know that the food truck craze is on a roll by constantly creating new specialities with bold flavors and modern twists on popular classics, but it’s the time to move on to something beyond it.

This is a whole different story.

It happened when two cocktail loving friends, Ee-Lyn Tan and Vimal Kumar came up with an idea of owning a bar with a twist, kick starting the KL Scenarium with Britney, as their first 18-foot mobile cocktail bar.

The cocktail truck concept however has been done in so many countries, but in Malaysia? This is the one and only mobile cocktail bar that is coming to you! What’s even better is that Britney does not just go around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, but provides catering services of cocktails for private and corperate events as well.

Isn’t that great? Hell yes. This is a turning point and a perfect addition to the Boozeat family, as we are exclusively offering you the easiest way to grab your cocktails amidst the hustle and bustle of KL.

Boozeat is currently carrying a themed bespoke menu of cocktails that we’re pretty sure you would want to try ranging from classics to novelty. Enjoy your Margarita, Negroni, their signature drink Rush Hour and many more. You can take a look at their cocktail packages exclusively online at Boozeat to be served at your doorstep. Their packages is inclusive of a mobile cocktail truck, professional mixologist, serving staff, and of course choices of multiple cocktails and mocktails. Check it out right here!

If someone asks you how do you like your lime, say margaritas! Britney will come to you and handle everything, all you have to do is bring the people and enjoy your cocktails!