While we love to drink as much as the next guy, there's always a limit to things. Unfortunately, competitors of a vodka-drinking contest in Russia learned that the hard way as six of them were rushed to the emergency room, leading to one of them dead. 

Credible reports online indicate that the contest was organised by a local supermarket in the town of Volgodonsk, south west Russia. The prize was 10 free bottles of vodka and it attracted a total of 40 competitors entering it. 

Despite organisers having prepared a selection of salami and bread for competitors to line their stomachs with, six of the competitors had complained of feeling seriously ill just minutes after drinking the potent spirit by the 'bucketloads' according to local accounts. 

Dr Mikhail Kravchenko, who treated the casualty, reportedly said: "He managed to drink about three litres of vodka, which most likely wouldn't have ended in death if it was a normal person."

The fatal outcome of this supermarket-led vodka-drinking contest had prompted local Russian authorities to start an investigation. The supermarket is thought to have violated the ban on promoting heavy drinking by Russian advertising laws. 

However, the supermarket that organised this deadly vodka-drinking contest might be let off given the fact that all competitors had entered the contest willingly. Surely, this is the result of the heavy emphasis on drinking instilled in local Russian culture. 

Russia is notorious as a hard-drinking nation as the alcohol consumption rate amongst its locals stands as one of the highest globally. This macho culture of drinking spirits rather than lower alcohol tipples such as beer puts Russian drinkers' health at particular risk. 

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