After enlisting the help of the 12 winning bartenders from its global 'The New Malt Order' competition, scotch whisky brand Auchentoshan has unveiled a unique and special single malt expression called Auchentoshan The Bartenders' Malt. 

The Beam Suntory Inc-owned brand claims that the expression was created 'by bartenders, for bartenders', and it now joins into its 'Distilled Different' campaign that also includes cask selection, packaging design and branding. 

The expression is a no-age-statement vatting of casks produced at Auchentoshan distillery that were chosen specifically to reflect the personality of each bartender. Crucially, Auchentoshan The Bartenders' Malt was developed with one specific mission at hand - making cocktails. auchentoshan-the-bartenders-maltBesides its 47% alcohol by volume (abv) strength, The Bartenders' Malt promises aromas of dried apricots, milk, chocolate, honey, and green tobacco leaf. On top of that come the "delicate floral cherry blossom", "buttery brioche" and "zesty notes of ginger" on the palate as well. 

The bartenders hailing from Germany, Sweden, the US, Canada and UK had developed this brew under the supervision of former Auchentoshan master blender Rachel Barrie, with all granted 'unprecedented' access to the distillery's whisky stocks as well. 

Production of the Auchentoshan The Bartenders' Malt will be limited to an unspecified number, with each 70cl bottling priced around  £45 in the UK. Global sales commence 3 July 2017 through selected premises and retailers. 

Additionally, the news gets better beyond this as Auchentoshan also promised a second edition of The Bartender's Malt later in 2018 where winners of this year's New Malt Order competition will be tasked at developing it.