In tribute to the month of pink for all wine lovers... Last month was actually a day we have to remember: International Rose Day! Happening on (actually) middle of June, or also at the beginning of the warmer months, chilled bottles of rosé will actually be a good companion for you. Before we’re having that on hand, let’s dive deeper to know everything about rosé.

What is it?

Rosé is probably the oldest type of wine, if we look back as far as 600 BC. Rosé wines are generally made from red grapes and very versatile wines that is perfect pair for many types of food. Ssst… Summertime food like grilled meat and vegetables are great for rosé! It’s lighter than red wine and deeper than white wine, nonetheless its pink color will make your day sweet!

Why people celebrate it?

Admit that most people stick with either red or white wine. Why go boring when you can go rosé? The day forces us to try something different than everything we had before! Moreover, it’s so pretty to a point that we’re sure you can’t even resist. Again, it’s a versatile drink that you can serve as a go-to drink when having picnic or BBQ night with your family and friends.

Which rosé wine to drink?

Rosé ranges from bone-dry Provence Varieties to medium-dry Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon rosé of the Loire Valley to the sweet American White Zinfandel blushes. All rosé are lower in tannins than red wines due to short maceration time. If you’re having a hard time to choose, we’d suggest you to pick Blossom Hill NV Rose, which is truly crisp and fruity, great enjoyed in the summer sunshine.

How to celebrate?

Throw a pink party! Rosé is all about being pretty in pink. Serve summertime dishes, dress in pink, and pour your rosé on glass! If you’re more into staying at home, you can do some experiment with rosé cocktails too. Mix, shake, sit back and chill! Even better, celebrate it with buy 4 free 1 promotion Blossom Hill and Beringer wine! Choose your best Rosé here.