You probably have seen it a million times, and you've probably done it just as much as well. We're talking about the lick-sip-suck ritual that's constantly touted about with one of Mexico's top exports - Tequila. 

Above all, we've also said this time and time again: you can drink Tequila in other ways besides shots. For this week's edition of #TequilaTuesdays, we'll explore in greater depth in the ways you can drink Tequila other than the usual shots and Margaritas. 


Mixtos vs 100% Agave 

First thing's first, we'll remind you about the two main forms Tequila is bottled and sold as - Mixtos and 100% Agave (or 100% de Agave). Pop quiz:do you know which one won't give you a hangover? Hint: It's the one that also tastes better. e96fc28b-681a-4d29-b3b4-743ef859b5e0_1.af10831ccb08a833c44c0e49f68632aeKnowing if your Tequila is either Mixtos or 100% Agave is important. With any Mixtos such as the Jose Cuervo Especial Gold, it's comprised of just 51% Agave. The remaining 49% is usually made up of neutral cane spirit, and this is what causes you to have a pounding headache the next morning should you drink too much of it. 

However, such isn't the case with any 100% Agave offerings like the Don Julio Reposado or Anejo bottling for instance. On top of the no hangover bit, you'll also get to savour a liquor with a more complex taste and greater aromas, not forgetting one that's also much smoother on your throat too - it doesn't burn as much as mixtos


Can I drink Tequila neat? 

The simple answer is YES you can. If you didn't know already, you can indeed savour any fine Tequila in the same fashion as fine whisky. All you ever need to sip fine and aged 100% Agave offering such as the Don Julio Reposado and bask in its superiority is to serve it in good glassware such as a brandy snifter. 

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How about over ice? 

Like whisky, you could also drink Tequila on its own over ice. Considering the vast health benefits that 100% Agave Tequila holds, you'll probably do not want to negate them by mixing it with unnecessary calories and sugars. In other words, this is probably the best drink for you if you're on a weight-loss mission. 

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Make a cocktail out of it! 

Literally, there is hundreds of awesome Tequila cocktail recipes abound beyond the essentials we've listed prior. However, should time, budget or ingredients be a bit of a stretch, just remember that this prized, plant-based liquor from Mexico goes well with literally any fruit juices and citrus - grape, orange, apple, lemon, lime, pineapple, etc. 

Just remember that it is perfectly OK to mix fine, 100% Agave Tequila in a cocktail with regular store-bought juices as well. Top Tip: Try to keep yourself towards using freshly pressed fruit juices or citrus, and perhaps go for some crushed ice instead of cubes for a cooler kick. Tequila + CIderTequila and ciders are BFFs 

Yes, while this may sound a tad off, you can indeed make a slightly different cocktail by combining equal parts of your favourite Tequila and apple cider in a glass. You could probably add a few slices of fresh apples to sweeten this awesomely fizzy serve as well. recommends: Don Julio Anejo and Somersby Apple Cider.