Probably most of us donду»t really know much about Japanese whisky but it has the largest number of whisky distillery among Asian countries after Scotland and The States. Suntory is one of the majors in the market. Most of the Japanese whisky distilling methods are taken from the Scottish blueprint, but thereду»s still some unique Japanese expression over time. Embodying the soul of Japanese craftsmanship, this harmonious blend resounds with calm complexity. Itду»s all about balance. Hibiki counts as Suntoryду»s highest class of blended whisky and was officially launched in year 1989 in conjunction with their 90thЊжanniversary. It represents the Suntory Whiskyду»s philosophy дус думin harmony with people and natureдуќ The ideal of perfection, the paragon of 'The Art of Japanese Whisky' and its artisans. Hibiki means resonance in Japanese. It speaks to the soul and emotions of the most discerning whisky lover. Hibiki resonates from nature and all the subtleties found from the twenty-four seasons of the old Japanese lunar calendar. Numerous pure single malt whiskies aged in a variety of cask types, including Mizunara, a very rare Japanese oak, all combine to create a full orchestra of flavors and aromas. (source) japan_hib5Product Hibiki 12 Years Old A stunning 12 year-old blend from Hibiki, some of the whisky has been part-matured in plum liqueur casks. Lovely malt from Hakushu and Yamazaki, plus some aged grain from Chita, this terrific Japanese blend picked up the top prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards 2010. Tasting Notes Colour: Shiny Amber Nose: Juicy marmalade with real chunks of orange, cooked apples dusted with cinnamon, thick honey and plum wine. Palate: Crushed almonds, stewed fruits, clove-studded oranges. Sherried malt and a subtle core of oak. Finish: Bright and flavoursome with crisp apple and citrus. Hibiki is also well-praised by Western drinkers and named it as думa must-have in your drinking lifestyleдуќ. If you love its smooth and well-balance palate, why not give yourself a shot?