Valentine’s Day might have ended already, but don’t forget about White Day! On March 14th – a month later after Valentine ’s Day or we all know as White Valentine is another month that celebrates love. And usually it’s being represented through a bouquet of flowers.

If you think a rose is just a rose, you’re wrong. Find out the meaning of flowers someone chooses for you because it says a lot about your relationship. You need to know whether they’re trying to say “I like you as a friend” instead “I love you” right?

#1 Roses

This classic bud is the most popular choice for both of Valentine’s Days. In general, it symbolizes passion that can be interpreted through love, romance, beauty and perfection. Though mostly people would choose red roses for their lover since it represents the passionate feeling, many also favor other colors such as pink, yellow and white.

Pink roses are for appreciation, grace, pure joy and youthfulness. It’s a way to say, “I admire you” which is a perfect gift (Boozeat URL) for the girls to their crush, boyfriend or even husband. Similar to pink, white roses also have meanings of youthful, purity and innocence. However, yellow roses aren’t romantic. It describes the friendship, admiration, sympathy and is sometimes associated for people who want to say, “let’s just be friends”. So be wise with your choice of rose.

#2 Gerbera Daisies

As the world’s fifth most famous flower, Gerbera daisies mean innocence, purity, and cheerfulness. It usually comes with variety of vibrant colors, and with a sort of arrangements it will be perfect for any occasion – birthday, anniversary, or as a floral gift of saying thank you and get well. Gerbera with their cheerful nature will brighten up the day of the recipient.

Recognizable from their large flowering heads, this is one of the most favorite to receive because of their immense bliss. They are perennial plants with a range of colors like deep red, yellow, cream, pink, white, etc. in which all of the shades of this flower also leans to happiness. Whoever gives you this flower, they clearly want to say, “I care about you, and I want to show you my loyalty and commitment”. Instead of giving roses, you can probably switch to these delightful gerberas to show your love, even to your friends or family.

#3 Lilies

The strength and beauty of this international flower has its own place in the cultures of the world. White lilies are an obvious symbol of purity, pink lilies means encouragement, yellow and gold lilies represent good health, while red blooms speak of passion, which is perfect for weddings or proposals.

Though the meaning can vary by type, culture and color, Lilies commonly mean devotion or purity. The perennial Lily never goes dormant and with such an elegant looks, a man who gives a bouquet contains these beautiful and expensive lilies is sophisticated and knows his partner well. If your partner gives you this flower, he’s undoubtedly ready for a long haul relationship with you – of course to the next big steps. This is also why many brides opt to include lilies on their wedding bouquet.

#4 Tulips

Tulip is the one of the world’s most easily recognized and loved flowers, not too elegant, too romantic, too big, too small nor too bright. It expressed the genuine coziness and comfort in all of the ways, just like your mom’s fresh-baked cookies. Generally, tulips symbolize the perfect love though different colors also have different meanings.

It can be a perfect gift for any special moment in a relationship, not super romantic but more unique than roses. Variegated tulips in a bouquet represent beautiful eyes, and if a man gets you a multi-color tulips bouquet, he obviously put a lot of thought into the gift for you. Here is why: red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, purple symbolized royalty, while yellow tulips evolved from once hopeless to cheerful thoughts. However, white tulips often used to send a message of forgiveness.

#5 Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum generally represents happiness, love, longevity and joy. It’s the flower of the month for November, and has numerous of meanings across the globe. In Asia, the flower signifies life and rebirth, which is perfect for birthday gift and baby showers. In Europe, it symbolized an expression of sympathy while in the States it means respect and honor.

The Chrysanthemum flowers have several different colors and thus have different meaning as well for each. If you receive a red chrysanthemum, it’s a symbol of love. The white ones represent a loyalty and devoted love, and yellow symbolizes lust from someone afar, or let’s call it ‘secret admirer’. So if you’re getting a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemum, someone you know perhaps hoping that you both can turn out to be something more.

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