Whisky-drinking has always been appealing to consumers from all walks of life - an art to the high society or a warm natural drink to the common folk. Regardless of drinkers' perception, whisky-drinking experience will not be fulfilling without the right choice of whisky glass. Indeed, choosing the right whisky glass to encapsulate the flavours and scents of this elite drink itself is a complicated task. Appearance, feel, drinkability and nosing capability are all needed to be taken into consideration. 

Are you puzzled already? No worries, our dear whisky lovers. Boozeat will make this delicate art sound as easy as a piece of cake for you. 

Now, shall we take a look at several types of whisky glasses available on the market?

  • The Old Fashioned Tumbler


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Many whisky drinkers love having this down-to-earth type of glass. Its wide brim and thick base makes the glass holder look strong and tough. Indeed, it is an extremely easy-to-drink kind of glass, but its nosing capabilities are missed due to the wide rim.

  • The Copita 


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This glass scores a 10 out of 10 for appearance. Its tulip shape makes nosing ever so delightful and it is perfect for sampling. However, the feeling of holding the glass may unpleasantly stop the drinker from enjoying the whisky to the fullest.

  • The Snifter


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This short-stemmed glass looks elegant and purely perfect for nosing. However, some drinkers may take a bit of practice to master the art of drinking from it due to its narrow opening and the shape of the sides of the glass.

  • The Mortlach Crystal Glass

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This glass has recently been introduced to the whisky world by the award-winning whisky distiller, Mortlach, also deemed "The Beast of Dufftown" by whisky connoisseurs, as its all new crystal tumbler. It encompasses the perfect broadness which allows a comfortable grip and has the shape that would open up a glass of whisky beautifully. The elegance of the crystal glass, complemented by the decorative zinc alloy base delivers an insight to the perfection of the craftsmanship. It is indeed, a true statement piece that would elevate the standards of your whisky-drinking experience. 

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Article by: Mortlach