What happens when one of the oldest and most celebrated makers of finely aged single malt scotch whiskies decides to experiment? Surely, the Glenfiddich Experimental Series is something many wouldn't have expected. Bold, different and edgy, this isn't the typical Glenfiddich bottle that's made for your dad (or perhaps granddad). glenfiddich---experimental-series-project-xx-bottle-shot-mood-shot-on-bar-high-res-jpeg 

In essence, the Glenfiddich Experimental Series initiative was designed to showcase the brand's "passion for pushing Scotch whisky boundaries", and that's perfectly demonstrated with the series' first offer called the Glenfiddich Project XX. glenfiddich-distillery-5 

This bottling resulted from the collaboration between Glenfiddich's own Malt Master Brian Kinsman and his 20 handpicked trailblazing whisky experts - the later being the inspiration behind the "XX" label's name. Hailing from all corners of the globe, each expert was invited to Glenfiddich's historic Dufftown Distillery, Scotland where they got to select a cask of whisky to re-craft as their own. Glenfiddich-Experimental-Series-Project-XX-Process-Diagram-RGB-TIFF_large 

Kinsman's mission here was simple, and it was to create one remarkable single malt whisky that combined the curiosity and knowledge of these 20 experts. Additionally, some of which had selected some of the most unusual whiskies found within Glenfiddich's famed stocks arsenal. glenfiddich-distillery-1 

These rare aged malts were matured in a variety of wood types as well, from port pipes to ancient sherry butts and 'first fill' bourbon casks amongst others. The final step sees all 20 casks fused in a small batch vatting, thus creating a unique whisky that's virtually impossible to duplicated anywhere in the world.


As Kinsman himself notes, the result is both unpredictable and delicious. While the Glenfiddich Project XX still showed Glenfiddich's warm, summery character at its first sip, it also revealed multiple flavours of "candy floss, cinnamon spice, almonds, rich port tannins and the odd hint of liquorice"- the latter being the intended goal of the project. Glenfiddich_IPA_Experiment 

As a follow up to the Project XX bottling, the Glenfiddich Experimental Series welcomed its latest called the Glenfiddich IPA Experiment bottling that was released earlier this month. With both, many have said that its complexity is one to savour and appreciate. Surely, these bottlings would be worth the effort for any avid scotch whisky collector to acquire and indulge in. 

If anything, this bold experiment has solidified Glenfiddich's position with the top echelons of the world's top whisky makers' ranks indeed. You can find out more about the Glenfiddich Experimental Series initiative through its dedicated section on the Official Glenfiddich website.