It seems the ever-loved classic Gin & Tonic (or G&T) cocktail mix could be perceived as old-fashioned very soon as it makes way for a new favourite amongst health-conscious millennials - Gin & Soda (or G&S, if you will). 

According to a recent interview by with James Chase, head ambassador of Chase Distillery, he believes that the modern preoccupation with health and calorie-counting may impact the way spirits are consumed. 

Despite the strong presence of good light tonics in the market such as the Fever-Tree Naturally Light, it seems the next wave of consumers will be dictated by the apparent need to go sugar- and sweetener-free. 

[caption id="attachment_17535" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Could the ever-loved classic Gin & Tonic (G&T) become 'old-fashioned'? 

Could the ever-loved classic Gin & Tonic (G&T) become 'old-fashioned'?[/caption] 

The other factor noted by Mr Chase was taste. He argues that by drinking Gin with Soda instead of the traditional Tonic, the taste of juniper in Gin becomes more pronounced, as does the mix's garnish - i.e. the all-important cucumber that we all have in our G&Ts. 

While we reckon that a quintessential classic mix such as the Gin & Tonic will not completely die out, we can't ignore how the new wave of health-conscious consumers will lead to the rise of the Gin & Soda alternative indeed. 

Nevertheless, you can still order your favourite bottle of Gin with Fever-Tree Soda instead of the usual Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water with us should you pick up this fashionable new drinking trend.