It's one of the broadest categories of spirits that's represented by products of various origins, styles, and flavour profiles. But it all shares one common trait - it's made predominantly from Juniper Berries. That's right, we're talking about Gin


Given its broad appeal, there are numerous cocktail recipes out there that uses Gin as a base. For some, it is regarded as quite the gentlemen's spirit, but that doesn't mean ladies can't indulge in it too. 

For those who are new to Gin and want to take the first steps towards becoming a true Gin connoisseur, here's our list of 5 essential Gin cocktails you need to know about and perhaps try making on your own.

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1. Gin and Tonic (G&T) 

This is one of the most popular Gin-based concoctions around. This two-ingredient mix is perhaps the most reliable of them all as well, and it doesn't take much to make the perfect one. 

Though there's an equal amount of average Gin and Tonics out there alongside fantastic ones, it really is hard to have or make a horrible Gin and Tonic. Our top tip here is to always pair premium Gin with premium Tonics, and don't forget to squeeze in a fresh lime in your glass too. 

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2. Classic Gin Martini 

Like G&T, this is also another quintessential Gin cocktail classic that's simple, classy and elegant. Be sure to stir or shake it well after mixing, and don't forget to add some olives too. 

Crucially, this cocktail is the base for countless other mixes. It can be made to your exact specifications and it is regarded as the ultimate experience in fine drinking. 

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3. Gimlet 

Fans regard the Gimlet as the perfect alternative to number 2, especially during the summer. Again, this is a simple two-ingredient mix, requiring just freshly-squeezed lime juice to go with any Gin of choice, and its proportions entirely up to you. 

Should freshly-squeezed lime juice be hard to come by, worry not as lime cordial serves as a good alternative too. What's key here is that you'll need a sweetener to offset the lime and make it work with your Gin of choice. 

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4. Negroni 

If you seek the ultimate pre-dinner buzz, then you'll need the Negroni. Why? Because the concoction of Gin, vermouth, and Campari result in the best appetite stimulant, making it perfect before any big meal. 

Besides the idiot-proof 1:1:1 mixture composition of its ingredients, the Negroni is also one very classy-looking drink, which should make you look very dapper the next time you find yourself at a fancy dinner soiree. 

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5. Tom Collins 

Ironically, this mix was the result of the great Tom Collins Hoax Of 1874, hence its name. This mix is similar to the Gimlet, except for the fact that you use lemon juice instead of lime. 

Unlike the joke it was named after, this drink is no joke in terms of both its popularity and - depending on how much Gin you'd prefer to use - strength.