Every wine lover knows that all tasting events are different. Finding a wine tasting experience that leaves your highest expectations in the dust can be life changing. On that note, let me bring you to the Austrian finest wine tasting with Weingut Schloss Gobelsburg.

What special, is that Michael Moosbrugger, the President of Weingut Schloss Gobelsburg himself hosted the event as a speaker. He was not only offered the participants to taste his finest wines, but also explained about the Association of Traditional Austrian Wine Estates and its vineyard throughout the history along the Danube region.

Let’s talk a bit about the association itself. Isn’t it nice to understand about the quality of the wine you drink? That’s the intention of Österreichische Traditionsweingüter, to identify and understand the diverse soils, the microclimate of the different vineyards and the impact of these factors on the varieties. Rather than a competition between winemakers, the members have carefully observed and analyzed the development of each others’ wines.

Year after year, the vintners know exactly which sites are yielding wines with the utmost finesse, the richest character, the longest life. Him and the association also intended to help orient consumers to the wine variety of wines that the sites offer – based on some classifications. In this wine tasting event, they brought us the classification of Erste Lage category, which carried 59 vineyard sites.

The tasting event was such a splendid pleasure and the wines tasted the bomb. No kidding. It expresses the personality of the region with a perfect poise. I bet you want to know the wines I had during the event and I’m being generous so here it is:

Domaene Gobelsburg “Kamptal” Grüner Veltliner 2016, Kamptal, Austria

Grüner Veltliner itself is a white wine grape variety grown primarily in Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile Kamptal is a vineyard in Austria, taken from the name of the river Kamp. Surprisingly, not only the first wine I tasted during the event, but also the one I like the most!

Not to mention that I don’t usually drink white wine… But this is an easy-drinking with delicate chestnut and burnt almonds on the nose. Has flowery notes; slender, but persistent, beautiful contours, some white bread and orange zest and has a fruity charm. When to enjoy? Summer I would suggest. So refreshing to an end!

Ried “Steinsetz” Grüner Veltliner 2015, Kamptal, Austria

Ried (single vineyard) Steinsetz is located south of the castle just outside of the village Gobelsburg. This white wine is vital and dignified, penetrating play of fruits and fine aroma of blossoms, pinch of pepper, impressively full-bodied, again spicy, some citrus and strong Veltliner pepperiness, harmonious.

What do I think about this wine? The full-fruited notes dominate nose and palate beautifully and its pepperiness add some more flavors to it. This is definitely a delicious Grüner with fabulous energy and good acidity.

Ried “Grub” Grüner Veltliner 2014, Kamptal, Austria

Multifaceted, but discreet, full greengage fruit and a hint of blood orange, but also moving in the direction of a Burgundy, spicy tobacco and delicate depth, concentrated and offering many details, chocolatey and long. All in all, its spice and saltiness are corralled into a tight frame of citrus freshness.

This white wine really coats the mouth and extremely promising. I can also say that it is very slender with a refreshing, lively palate: zesty while the varietal white pepper and herb notes of Grüner shimmer here and there. I am now completely a lover of Grüner Veltliner.

Domaene Gobelsburg Zweigelt 2013, Niederösterreich, Austria

First red wine I had on this wine tasting. Zweigelt itself is the most widely planted red-wine grape in Austria. A classic Austrian Zweigelt is richly colored with a deep, bright core of spiced cherry and raspberry flavors.

This has mature taste, plummy bouquet with a hint of cinnamon, rich and engaging, really nestles on the palate, thoroughly dark tones. It is full but always fresh and lively, edgy, plum holds through the finish and has an interesting structure.

Pinot Noir Reserve 2013, Kamptal, Austria

I’m not a Pinot Noir kind-of-person but this is an exception. A fine aromatic blend of fully ripened raspberries and lightly roasted almonds – with the scent of roses always setting the tone, still a bit restrained.

This is somewhat powerful on the palate, also youthful at the same time, medium-to-full-bodied, very hearty and surprisingly rich in tannins. Underrated Austrian wine, complex, tasty, round and good for ageing. Oh can I have one more glass please?

St. Laurent Reserve 2012, Niederösterreich, Austria

This wine is based on tertiary gravel derived from the Alps in the past millions of years. Sufficient drainage, high altitude and good wind exposure is ideal for cultivating St. Laurent. Hints of red and black cherry are joined by darker notions of black berries. The palate seems tinged with black elderberry and iron oxide with a central vein of acidity.

There is a structure, the slightest tannin grip plus lots of elegance and poise. Giving you a full promise and I personally can say that this particular red wine is opulent and rich. Very well made.

Overall, time by time, wine by wine, the pleasure keeps coming until all six different types of wines have been enjoyed. I sometimes am wondering too, “could this be any more perfect?” until I realized that of course there’s always something more! Now not only me but you also have the chance to taste some of the wines I just fell in love with here or simply check below! Just sit back, have a glass and enjoy.