Hello folks and welcome back to another edition of #WhiskyWednesdays right here on the Boozeat Blog 2.0! Since Fatherду»s Day is looming closer, we decided to help you by handpicking a selection of fineЊжwhiskies forЊжDad on this special day. FathersDay_Featured_Fixed Furthermore, by purchasing of these, youду»ll also automatically enter yourselves in our special Fatherду»s Day contest where you stand a chance at winning a bottle of exquisite Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky and passes to our next Japanese whisky tasting event! Well then, without further delay, its time for you to get these 6 awesome whiskies for Dad this Fatherду»s Day! whiskies_for_dad_-2 The Singleton 12 Years Old Glen Ord Value Pack дус RM248 Weду»ll start with this quintessential example of fine single malt scotch whisky that also wonду»t cost too much. Fine and classy, this is one single malt scotch that any Dad will agree on. Besides that, this particular gift pack also comes with two exclusive Singleton whisky glasses, which will make it easier for Dad and you to share with. No better way to #win with dad than by having some single malt scotch to celebrate with, right? whiskies_for_dad_-6 Johnnie Walker Green Label дус RM350 Letду»s face it, on a special day like Fatherду»s Day, the regular Johnnie Walker Black Label blended malt scotch whisky simply wonду»t cut it. Show dad heду»s special by gifting him with the much richer taste of the Johnnie Walker Green Label at the very least. If your dadду»s a huge fan of fine coffee, then this blended malt scotch whiskyду»s notes of mocchaccino and espresso coffee is perfect for him to savour neat or on rocks. If you're looking for awesome whiskies for Dad this Father's Day, you really can't go wrong with this offering from Johnnie Walker. whiskies_for_dad_-3 Auchentoshan Triple Distilled Three Wood дус RM375 Next comes a unique example of single malt scotch from the Scottish Lowlands. Aged in American Bourbon, Spanish Oloroso Sherry and Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks, the complex taste with strong toffee and sherry oak flavours is one to savour. Surely, this is one unforgettable Fatherду»s Day gift, especially if Dad happens to be a serious whisky connoisseur with impeccable taste. whiskies_for_dad_-4 The Yamazaki Distillers Reserve Single Malt Whisky дус RM650 If youду»re looking for something much more unique, then this Japanese take on the single malt whisky recipe is second to none. Highly acclaimed for its думnobleдуќ aroma, this whisky is reserved for those who appreciate Japanese craftsmanship at the highest level. If anything, any whisky-loving Dad will give two thumbs up in having this uniquely Japanese offering as a Fatherду»s Day gift.ЊжThis is one of the most awesome whiskies for Dad for you to get this Father's Day indeed. whiskies_for_dad_-5 The Balvenie DoubleWood Aged 17 Years дус RM748 Now, this masterpiece by Malt Master David Stewart should seal the deal when the seemingly дуЦregularду» crop of single malt scotch just wonду»t do atЊжtelling Dad heду»s truly special. This complex yet sweetly elegant and smooth single malt scotch whisky is distinctly different, with deeper vanilla notes, hints of green apple, creamy toffee and a striking richness and complexity. Weду»re sure that this is one brew that any Dad will love! whiskies_for_dad_-7 JW Malaysia Edition: Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic (#TheLast100) дус RM925 Lastly, we had to include this Penang-inspired special in this list of awesome whiskies for Dad too. Surely, any whisky-loving Malaysian dad will love this as a gift, even more so if he happens to be a Penang native. To refresh your memory, just 4,000 bottles were made exclusively for the local market and we have #TheLast100 official bottles on sale exclusively through Boozeat.com. You can get to know more about the this special edition of Johnnie Walkerду»s arguably fine Blue Label blended scotch whisky offering by clicking here. By the way, our stock of #TheLast100 are running out fast, so be quick before they run out for good!