If you're an avid connoisseur of Spanish wines, then now is probably the best time to stock up as the drought plaguing the country's grape and olive-growing industries continue to wreak havoc. 

Spain is reportedly experiencing one of its worst droughts in recent times, and it's affecting its agricultural industry en-masse. In fact this year's reduced grain harvests in some regions - which has slashed by half nationwide from 2016 - have already been declared a "natural disaster" by local authorities. 

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image source: thedrinksbusiness.com[/caption] 

As the heatwave and lack of rain continues, agricultural organisations reckon that vineyards and olive groves are now falling prey. Reports further indicate that reservoirs across the country are currently standing at 56% capacity - their lowest since 1995.

For makers of Spanish wines, this drought could affect their yields in both quantity and quality. The rising temperatures and absence of rain will cause their grapes to dry out and become over-ripe, leading to hot, unbalanced, high-alcohol wines. 

Adding further to this is the spring frosts that came prior, which greatly affected Spain's key wine region - Rioja. This climate phenomenon alone reportedly caused up to 50% in damages to vines around the area. Spanish_wine_example 

As the affects of the spring frost compounds with the affects of the recent drought, experts believe that entry-level winemakers in Spain will suffer the most as grape prices are expected to rise at the wake of this. 

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