LVMH-owned vintage champagne house Dom Pн©rignon will be releasing its 2009 vintage champagnes ahead of its 2008 vintage. This is the first time the brand has broken the order of its releases in its long and illustrious history.


Dom Pérignon had released its 2006 vintage back in 2015. The champagne house did not produce any wine in 2007 but did in 2008 and 2009 instead. A harsh end to winter in 2008 and the mild rainy spring that came after meant that flowering was difficult. 

Dom Pérignon's international marketing director, Niccoló Ragazzoni, explained: "The 2009 was a warm year producing quite rich wines and so the first plentitude of the wine was reached quicker than the 2008, which was a cooler year."


Additionally, the 2008 vintage has been widely dubbed as a brilliant vintage and the best in Champagne since the legendary 2002. Fuelling that were the year's bright, dry conditions in spring and September, plus the cool conditions prevailing during middle of growing season yielded a high quality crop with plenty of acidity. 

The Dom Pérignon 2009 vintage is expected to hit markets worldwide sometime later this year. Likely, the firm will also release its rosé 2005 and 2000 P2 alongside it as well.