The Glenlivet has launched a mystery whisky – no age statement, cask type or tasting notes. This Single Malt Scotch Whisky inspired by the iconic British Code breakers, which contains of a labyrinth of flavors that will test the senses of even the most discerning whisky drinker.

This left everyone’s wondering, until Boozeat found out ourself. On the closed tasting of the Glenlivet Code in Malaysia, everyone presented need to decode a word puzzle diagram on the invitation to get the venue’s name. This was quite interesting yet challenging!

People who succeed to crack the code, being treated to an exquisite evening with this mysterious limited edition single malt whisky. Pernod Ricard Malaysia Brand Manager for whiskies Benedict Yong stated that this item comes with a fun challenge for enthusiasts since what excites them is the ability to guess and appreciate its flavor and aroma upon the first sip.

This limited edition bottle left us all wondering from the nose, palate and to the finish. It presents the smooth and fruity house style with some additional twists. What’s even more exciting, is that the whisky connoisseurs are able to scan a code on the back of their bottle using the Shazam app to enter a virtual underground room. The master Alan Winchester challenged you to decode the taste by choosing four aromas on the nose and the palate!

If you’re going to buy one now and enter the challenge, remember to post it on social media to see your rank but the official tasting notes will only be revealed by the end of the year so prepare yourself to be amazed! Good news that limited quantities will only be available on selected outlets, including on Boozeat started from 17th of August.

Hurry! We told you it’s limited and selling pretty fast! Make sure you have this before the clever ones take what could’ve been yours.