Have you ever experienced something so good that you wanted to share it with the entire world? Like winning a lottery, prize or a free holiday? Well here’s something to be excited about! Boozeat now has the new Friend Referral that you can use to invite your friends!

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For EVERY friend invited and accepted into our cult, (*Cough) I mean group; they’ll earn 10 Boozeat credits that can be used for their first purchase. Additionally, AFTER they have made their first purchase, you will receive 10 Boozeat credits to use for their own use. Win win!

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Psst, of course, in all this, you actually get to stack up more credits through more friends who make purchases. How many can you invite in total you may ask? Well, there’s no limit! In fact, you can invite the whole world and stock up as much credits as you want for your own use! Wanna know an easier way to share this? That biiig blue button right there should be a pretty quick way to get your friends involved.

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There’s no better way to enjoy booze than with beloved friends and family! Everyone gets a chance to have a good time this way! If you want to find out more on how this works, you can find out more in the FAQ here!