So how has Christmas been for you folks? I do hope it has been merry. We at Boozeat had our own Christmas party last week and it was certainly very very exciting. There was a feast that included oysters, French platter and pizzas! To top it all off, we had an amusing and fun time with various types booze served alongside games that were organized.


Christmas is the time for gatherings and we intend to encourage the spirit of the season, showing warmth and fellowship with one another before the end of the year. We had a game of Secret Santa, exchanging gifts containing secret messages between one another and guessing the senders of each gift.

Cheeky glances from our staff

Have you tried playing Secret Santa before? It’s a pretty fun way to kick start Christmas gatherings, be it between acquaintances or family alike. Alas, like all good things, this season too is coming to an end, ushering forth a new year. Yet the new year gives us another reason to celebrate new beginnings.

Speaking of the transition from Christmas to New Year, have you checked out the video we released last week?

Check out Boozeat Santa’s Ultra Surprise, featuring products from Jacob's Creek, Martell and many more here!

You will receive a surprise giveaway for every gift set bought. Hurry before the season comes to a close!

Image Source: Boozeat