Everyone loves a good house party, especially us here at Boozeat. If you're organising one soon, we've got you covered! We've put together a 2-part house party planning guide that will cover all aspects of a great house party, including drinks, bites, drinking games and curated tunes that are bound to impress.

Part 1 of the guide will cover picking your staple spirits for the party, some sure-fire / crowd-pleasing cocktails to mix up for your guests, and some wicked drinking games to get the night going!

Step 1 - Pick your staple spirits  

Protip: Nothing wrong with BYOB! If your guests have offered to bring drinks, come up with a list of desired wines and spirits. Then you can let your guests pick which type of booze to contribute from the list. Cheers to efficiency!

As for the main types of booze to keep a house party going from start to finish, we highly recommend white wine and single malt whisky. If you're on a budget, consider whites from Claymore, McPherson and Barwang of Australia or Chile's Balduzzi. If you'd rather not skimp, take things up a notch with Cloudy Bay's Sauvignon Blanc 2014 or the Te KoKo.


As for single malts, you won't go wrong with entry level 12 year old expressions from distilleries like Glenfiddich and Macallan. If you're out to impress, the Hakushu 12 Years Old and the Glenfiddich 18 Year Old are favourites.   

Typically, a bottle of wine is enough for 2, while a bottle of whisky for 4-6. However, the amount of drinks to get for your party ultimately depends on how much your friends can drink! 

Step 2 - Mix some sure-fire cocktails  

It's always a good idea to keep things simple for a house party. Skip the fancy cocktails and compliment your staple spirits with a pitcher of gin & tonic, or a large bowl of yummy Sangria. Or both!

Protip: Use Hendricks gin for your gin & tonic, add Rosemary for a refreshing herbal twist. hendrickgin 

Hendricks Gin & Tonic: Mix 1 part Hendricks gin and 3 parts tonic water. Cut a fresh Japanese cucumber into sticks or slices. Wash 5-6 sprigs of Rosemary. Mix all ingredients in a pitcher, stir well and add ice. 


Image source: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-cucumberrosemary-gin-an-124907

Protip: For a Sangria, you don't have to use overly expensive wine. Any dry wine would work great.

Classic Sangria: Slice 1 orange and 1 lime into quarters. Cut 1 red apple into cubes or slices. Combine ingredients into a bowl and add 40-60ml of brandy, 1 bottle of dry red wine, 4 cups of Sprite or any other lemon-lime soda. Leave in the fridge overnight, add ice and more soda before serving. 


Step 3 - Learn some wicked drinking games  

Drinking games are a great way to escalate things quickly at any house party. Here are some of our favourites. weddingFives - Based on the multiplier of the number 5, this turn-based game is suitable for groups of 3 or more. With all players' hands arranged in a circle, the first player calls out a multiplier of 5. All players can choose to either open or clench their hands immediately after the number has been called. The objective is to avoid having all the opened hands (five fingers) make up the number called by first player.

If a player calls the right number, other players sitting next to him/her will have to take a drink. Alternatively, the winning player can pick out someone to take a drink. If the correct number isn't called out, rotate clockwise. 

Most likely - When sitting in a circle, players take turns to ask a most likely question. For example, "who will most likely puke tonight?" Or "who will most likely be chatted up at a Most likely - When sitting in a circle, players take turns to ask a most likely question. For example, "who will most likely puke tonight?" Or "who will most likely be chatted up at a bar?". On 3 counts, everyone points to the person they think is the answer to the question. Take a drink for every finger pointed at you.  metd_sg_1810_26fivesSeven - This is a simple yet tricky game that is best played in groups of five or more. Start in a circle going clockwise with the first player counting from the number 1. Every time the number reaches a multiple of 7, or any number that has a 7 in it, the player in turn must remain silent and clap instead. Every clap reverses the rotation of the game. Anyone who shouts a number with a 7 or a multiple of 7 will have to drink. 

Straight face - Sitting around a table, everyone writes a phrase, term or sentence on a piece of paper. The objective is to write something that will make whoever reading it break a straight face. Writing has to be legitimate words and not gibberish. Items written can be wildly inappropriate or extremely hard to read. Each person will take turns to read from a piece of paper without any facial expression. Those who break a straight face will have to take a drink. 

Drinking games are fun, but remember to always drink responsibly and never drink and drive!

Stay tuned for part two of this guide, which will cover some delicious small bites recipes, house party tunes with something for everyone, and a housekeeping checklist to go through before your guests arrive. 

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Happy party planning and party responsibly! 

Check out Part 2 of this guide soon!