Nobody loves house parties more than we do! Recently, we published the Part 1 of our Guide to planning a house party, which covered choosing your drinks, mixing some all-time favourite cocktails, and learning some killer drinking games to play with your guests. Go check it out if you haven't!

In the second part of this guide, we will be covering some fantastic small bites ideas, compiling a playlist for your party, as well as a housekeeping checklist. Let's get started! Food Table Delicious Meal Prepare Cuisine Concept

Whip up some small bites  

We highly recommend keeping your house party grub simple and delicious. Weду»re all for providing great food for equally great company, so here are some delicious options that require minimal prep. 

For us, the very first house party dish that comes to mind is Nachos with homemade dips. We'd recommend preparing a variety of homemade dips for your guests. Nachos don't come without a classic raw tomato salsa дус a delicious option that is very easy to make. Check out BBC Food's classic recipe here

Your next dip should be none other than Guacamole - one of the most recognised Mexican recipes that dates all the way back to the Aztecs. Check out REAL SIMPLE's Easy Guac recipe here. As for something rich and hearty, here's our favourite Texas Queso dip recipe that will make your cheese-loving guests rejoice. 

If you're looking for something more indulgent and sophisticated, we'd highly recommend some simple wine and food pairings. Among the easiest pairings to nail include salmon sashimi + Chardonnay, and oysters + Sauvignon Blanc. The best part is you can find both of these party packages on Boozeat! 0aa094c0da49de2a76bcfcd9c48e73de We've pre-selected the wines to pair with your preferred choice of seafood, all you have to do is place an order and it will deliver within 24 working hours (for Klang Valley orders only). 

Our final small bite recommendation would be Prosciutto wrapped melon. Preparing this dish is as easy as it sounds! Cut up some rock melon slices into cubes and wrap them up with slices of Prosciutto. Hold it together with toothpicks or a skewer. Add in mozarella cheese balls for extra kick and garnish with cracked pepper. 

Protip: If you still can't decide on what food to get, all of us at Boozeat unanimously agree that KFC is a must-have at any house party. 

Compile a great party playlist  

Now that you have sorted out your food and drinks, the next thing to do is to compile a great playlist for your partyIf you're planning a party at a nicer venue like a pool or a rented bungalow, music is can really help set the tone for the night. 

If you're throwing a pool or a summer-themed party, we personally love some tropical house / uplifting house tunes that are full of feel good vibes. Look up artists like Thomas Jack, Kygo or Bakermat on Soundcloud for some great tunes. For a more boiler room / underground vibe, go for deep house / tech house instead. Check out Pulse Radio's top boiler room sets for 2015 and put it on to keep your party going. Alternatively, check out Tchami or Disclosure. They are some of our favourite deep house artists.  

If you want more crowd-pleasing option, Spotify has a number of very decent mainstream-focused party playlists with something for everyone. 

Protip: Get a Spotify premium subscription so that you can download your playlist and play it without using data / internet. A perfect solution if you're planning a private party at a venue with no internet or data coverage.  

Go through a housekeeping checklist  

Think you're all set to plan your own house party? Here's a final checklist to help you remember everything.

Invite List & RSVPs
Check medicine cabinet
Confirm guest contributions
House cleaning
Compile a playlist
Grocery shopping
Secure valuables
Notify neighbours
Stock up on drinks
Keep breakable items
Inform building security

We hope you found this guide useful. Don't forget to let us at Boozeat sort out your booze and delivery. To check out Part 1 of this party planning guide, click here. Happy party planning!