Remember how the good ol’ bartering system works? Value is subjective and you probably trade a chicken for two bags of rice. But what we’re offering you is the chance to trade in your chicken for two cows! No, we’re not kidding.

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See, if you have signed up with Boozeat, every purchase you make earns you credit to be used in future purchases. It’s saved in your account!

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Now how is this useful? You can discount your purchases at the checkout pages with the Boozeat credits you’ve earned through the checkout page. You can even select the amount of credits you want to use specifically if you intend to save the rest for the future. It’s really handy!

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What more, there’s no roof to limit how much credit you can accumulate per transaction and no expiry date to credits accumulated. Who knows, it might eventually grow and accumulate interest like the money in your bank deposit over time eh? (We’re joking, don’t take this seriously)

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You may ask “What’s all this hype about Boozeat Credit Launch Day that we’re bringing up?’”. Well for one day and ONE DAY ONLY, your purchases will earn you 10 TIMES more credits! That lucky day falls on 05/01/2018 (Friday) and only happens once in a blue moon!

Just enter the Promo Code ‘BOOZEAT10X’ to earn extra credits in your purchase!

So what are you waiting for? Go get your booze this Friday quickly! What better way is there to start 2018 with a bang than this?